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BADA in London

The British American Drama Academy was founded in 1984 to enable actors and students from across the world to study classical theatre with leading actors and directors of the British Theatre.

The Academy organises programs in association with American Colleges and Universities. These include the London Theatre Program based at BADA's London Headquarters in Regents Park (above) and the Midsummer in Oxford Program held each year at Balliol College (below).

BADA's teachers have included Fiona Shaw, Deborah Warner, Michael Kahn, Jane Lapotaire, David Leveaux, Henry Goodman and John Barton. Ian Wooldridge has been Dean of the Academy since 1996. He specialises in teaching acting in Shakespeare, Beckett, Chekhov and Pinter.

BADA in Oxford

Quotes from some of BADA's students

"One of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Exposure to such talented and insightful professionals has been an extraordinary and priceless experience."
Mikki Unson

"This course is definitely for the determined, disciplined and ambitious student looking to boldly enhance themselves as actors."
Gabriel Barbaro, Sarah Lawrence College

"BADA is intense but has been for me one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."
Lauren Vitz, University of Southern California

"BADA offers an intensive, conservatory-style program that will push you on every level, leaving you exhausted, satisfied and extremely proud of what you have accomplished."
Dennis Watkins, Southern Methodist University

"A training that is unparalleled."
A.J. Ferriter, Cornell University

"I cannot stress enough how incredibly impressed I was with the brilliant faculty. It has been a once in a lifetime experience and I have learned far more than I ever imagined possible"
Anne McFadden